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Reviews | WordPress

4 Paid WordPress Plugins Business Owners Should Invest In

This website contains affiliate links for the plugins I am about to recommend. This is NOT just another list of WordPress plugins to rake in as much affiliate money as possible (unlike most other blogs). This is a blog post that has the goal of sharing my extensive experience as an agency owner for 10…

How to Find the Right Online Marketing Agency For Me
Online Marketing

How To Find The Best Online Marketing Agency? 4 Criteria

4 Selection criteria to find the good ones + a handy scorecard Finding an online marketing partner for your next engagement can be a daunting task. These are, based on my expertise and that of our company, the most burning questions: Does the agency have a framework for consistent results? Do they excel in all…

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Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking | Top 6 reasons to start today

What is growth hacking exactly? Although growth hacking can have varying definitions, each perspective delivers some common ground with every other one. In essence, you’re working with different marketing and advertising tactics, combined with website design choices, to create leads that convert into sales. Trial and error based on objective decisions from relevant data is…

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Google Analytics | Google Tag Manager

Exclude employee traffic from Google Analytics 4

It can sometimes be a nightmare to get accurate Google Analytics 4 data. Especially if you are either a large company with lots of employees working on your website or a small company just starting to generate traffic. One of the metrics that skews your data the most is improperly filtered internal traffic. This type…

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