What is growth hacking exactly?

Although growth hacking can have varying definitions, each perspective delivers some common ground with every other one.

In essence, you’re working with different marketing and advertising tactics, combined with website design choices, to create leads that convert into sales. Trial and error based on objective decisions from relevant data is the key.

Instead of relying on different metrics or key performance indicators, your sole focus is on how achievable growth is through various experimental efforts. As you try new concepts, the successful ones stay while the unsuccessful ones get discarded to keep pushing short-term improvements.

What are the benefits of growth hacking?

Digital marketing investments that feature growth hacking can deliver impressive results because the focus is on providing value to potential customers.

Whether you’re using A/B testing, visitor surveys, improved website UX, or a new advertising concept, a positive result happens when you deliver a powerful value proposition.

After you’ve got someone’s attention, your strategy shifts to having them become a customer. That’s why the benefits of using growth hacking are so numerous.

Before we get started, if you need someone to take on your growth hacking efforts, get in touch! We offer a variety of services, schedule an introductory call for free. Now, let’s continue with our top 6 growth hacking benefits!

Reason 1 – It will help you discover new ideas and methods for growth.

When innovation is your priority, it’s much easier to create, optimize, and analyze. Growth hacking enables a different perspective of looking at your business because the experimentation forces you to think outside the box.

Those insights can get used to your advantage, often enabling further and faster growth once the new concepts get turned into profitable products or services.

Reason 2 – You will start leveraging better outcomes.

Growth hacking might focus on the initial transaction or interaction with your business, but it can also promote higher repetitive customer numbers. When you focus on creating better outcomes for customers, you’re reinforcing your brand’s expertise by fulfilling the value propositions communicated to them.

When you have consistently positive outcomes, more customers provide referrals back to what you offer to ensure everyone can have their needs met.

Reason 3 – It is a suitable strategy for any business goal.

Growth hacking can work with any goal. That’s because creating a foundation for growth is the purpose, so it doesn’t matter what the actual measurement is for your business. Although sales and revenues are top choices, you can pursue email signups, visitor clicks, or anything else measurable and actionable that supports your desired outcome.

When you set goals to reach with growth hacking, they should be quantifiable and specific. Once those plans get put into motion, you need to stay committed to the work to see things through to the end.

It also helps to make your goals public and set reasonable deadlines to ensure everything is put into an appropriate context.

Reason 4 – You receive cost-effective results.

Growth hacking came about from the need to have increased awareness without spending a lot on traditional marketing, such as television advertising or PR distribution. It’s a low-cost strategy that produces tremendous results because you can discover the needs of your target audience, nurture them, discard tactics that don’t work, and ultimately keep acquisition costs minimal.

Although nothing works forever, growth hacking is a reliable way to expand your brand’s outreach. The goal is to keep streamlining, becoming more efficient, and innovating to reach your preferred outcome.

Reason 5 – It will drastically improve your SEO.

A growth hacking mindset creates a flexible and adaptive approach to your outreach efforts. The data this investment generates can provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits by helping to find new insights into high-performance keywords, phrasing, and communication. Once you discover what works well, those terms can get incorporated into a brand-wide presence.

In short, SEO improvements are a direct result of successfully leveraging growth hacking for your business.

Reason 6 – Numerous strategies are proven to work.

You can approach growth hacking in numerous ways. For example, some brands prefer to conduct constant A/B testing while others look at giveaways, invitations, or challenges. It’s even possible to get results while attending small, local events.

Having a face-to-face conversation is as effective in some situations as an email exchange or a high-value landing page.

What makes this advantage such an exciting option is that it encourages brand authenticity. When customers decide what business to support, 86% say that being authentic matters. It has a touch of vulnerability to your story while delivering transparency.

That combination earns trust, which leads to growth.

Do you want to explore the advantages of Growth Hacking?

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